"I am certainly the opposite of a minimalist, which would make me a maximalist."

Visual art is anything but humdrum. In an instant, it demands a reaction. It can raise an eyebrow. It can gently nudge us. Or make heads delightfully spin.

Meet Lonnie Hanzon

Lonnie has made a career out of being a master storyteller through his art installations. Clients around the world call on Lonnie when they need their story brilliantly told through unexpected, entertaining visuals.

Today, Lonnie is excited to be working on his first book about the complex and exciting process of working with creative talent. Lonnie’s unique perspective on the creative mind will help you bring your project to life.

Lonnie takes a vision and brings it to life in ways that are delightfully unexpected. He has amazed clients from Neiman-Marcus to HGTV to the State of Colorado with his transformative, magical creations.

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