"I am certainly the opposite of a minimalist, which would make me a maximalist."

Visual art is anything but humdrum. In an instant, it demands a reaction. It can raise an eyebrow. It can gently nudge us. Or make heads delightfully spin.

Meet Lonnie Hanzon

Lonnie has made a career out of being a master storyteller through his art installations. Clients around the world call on Lonnie when they need their story brilliantly told through unexpected, entertaining visuals. 

Lonnie takes a vision and brings it to life in ways that are delightfully unexpected. He has amazed clients from Neiman-Marcus to HGTV to the State of Colorado with his transformative, magical creations.

Today, Lonnie is using his nearly four decades of art experience and his absorbing, all-around-you aesthetic into the experiential realms of immersive theatre.  The type of show you literally step into and walk around in. 

Featured Projects


We put the WHAAAT in wattage during Houston Zoo Lights 2017.  Bring the family to this spectacular holiday event celebrating animals and conservation.  
Preorder tickets here.
Learn more about the Houston Zoo Lights show.

Hold onto your Gin & Tonic,  Johnny, this is gonna be one Wild Party!  With Lonnie Hanzon as number one fan boy of Denver's next big immersive entertainment production, there's no telling what might fly up your flapper dress, Dollface. 
Get invited to the party here!  

Visit Hanzon Studios!  Join us for an open studio day on Oct 7 and ogle at all the lovely chaos.
Read the blog entry for more details,
Or check out the facebook event page.

Surprise!  Lonnie works with Curious Theatre Company to design a secret (not so secret) experience-based show to hit Denver in October.  Read more and buy tickets here!

Denver PrideFest 2017 was FABULOUS, bejeweled with a Hanzon centerpiece, the astonishing Shrine to Humanity.  You've got to see it!
Check out The Rocky Mountain Collegian's article here.
Or read the Huffington Post's piece.

Get ready to show your Pride!  This year's Denver PrideFest will be resplendent with a shrine to our humanity.
Look at some preview pics from the studio here.
Check out the preview article here.
Or listen to the Denverite podcast featuring Lonnie's magic.

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