Come to Camp this Christmas!

Off-Center, the DCPA's most adventurous programming wing, announced a creative partnership with renowned installation artist Lonnie Hanzon called Camp Christmas, which Off-Center Curator Charlie Miller describes as "the ultimate immersive Christmas experience." Beginning November 21, Camp Christmas will take patrons on a journey through different eras of Christmas with extravagant installations filling the 10,000-square-foot Hangar at Stanley Marketplace. Read the full article here.

Keep It Trashy, Baby.

We love fashion, we love the Earth - why not put on a fashion show that encourages conservation and upcycling?  That was the basic line of thinking that brought us to the idea to put on Denver's first trash fashion show. 

Did you know that the fashion industry has become one of the biggest perps in perpetuating  global waste?  Sad, we know.  Millions of TONS of textiles wasted in 2013 alone!  Much of it to landfills.  And we're like, why?  When you can make truly beautiful and unique fashion pieces out of very little new material, and create next to no waste. 

This goes out to the DIYers crafting new outfits for themselves at home out of thrift store stuff, and it also goes out to the high-brow fashion types who want to go all out.  So, that's why we're challenging you to make an avant-garde garment fit for the runway - all out of scraps, salvaged material, things that would otherwise be headed for a dump.  


It's a Project Runway-esque challenge... but our judges are nicer.  There will be seven categories for designers to compete in.  Then we have a big party at EXDO to show off what we came up with, and throw some prizes around.  We're going to prove that one's materials don't have to be factory-fresh to make something super sweet.  Plus, it will give you special vision: to see the junk all around you; litter, alley scores, thrift store t-shirts, your own recycling bin or mailbox contents as possible material for your next creative project. 

If you and your friends want to get involved, please do!  We're accepting applications for designers, models, and photographers through the website.  Or if you just can't wait to see the show, grab tickets for the event on June 9th.  Not so sure what kind of cool can come from crap?  Check out's Pintrest page for massive inspiration.

Step Inside the Wizard's Chamber

The Glen Creighton neighborhood (the Glens) is hosting the third annual Glens Art Walk and Open Studios. Come stroll through Lakewood’s oldest neighborhood and visit 9 home-based artist studios located between Kipling and Wadsworth and between Colfax and 20th avenues. Join 20-plus artists showing work ranging from jewelry, metal sculpture, painting, photography, fine violins, illustration, textiles, mixed media, pottery, local wax and honey, and Halloween folk art plus live music. Artists will welcome visitors starting at 10 am on October 7 and studios will remain open until 4 pm. Find more information at or email for a printable map.

UPDATE:  The Glen's Art Walk makes Westword's "Best Art Events in Denver" list for October.  
Read the write up here.

Colorado Dream Team

In response to a interview by Susan Froyd of Westword, I hereby post my 2014 list of my dream team, that I would call to serve if the Mysterious Patron with endless money appeared. I work with many of you often and seldom. Love what you have done and taught me.

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