See. Hold. Deliver. 

Just exactly how does Lonnie come up with his jaw-dropping creations? They’re the result of a series of discussions—a process called See – Hold – Deliver.

It begins with See.

During the See phase, clients work directly with Lonnie to discuss the project: it’s a freewheeling conversation about what everyone wishes to accomplish. Nothing is off the table. The ideas generated form a creative blueprint that Lonnie will begin to build on.

The next step is Hold.

This is when budgets and schedules are formalized. The commissioned art begins to come to life through first-round schematic drawings. Creative teams are assembled. A collective vision takes form. This is where the fun begins.

The final step is Deliver.

Now it’s time for creativity to meet the materials. Lonnie and his team begin to build, fabricate, move things a little to the left, then back a little to the right. When everyone is happy, the piece is installed. The curtain is lifted. Applause fills the room.