Buying Stuff

For those who know my work, you know that it is often made from hundreds of parts.
I found myself pontificating on my buying strategies the other day, so I thought I would share them.
My buying strategy has always been to buy the highest quality objects from the lowliest sellers, rather than be forced to buy the lowest quality items from the tony or high end seller. That way you often end up with a better quality at a really good price. This is the sweet spot in where you can really get credit for having a good eye. As a buyer, you want to have the best eyes in the room.

The market separates in to categories including furniture, lots and smalls. Lots, as indicated, are grouping of objects. Smalls are pieces from breadbox size down to a button.
Smalls are not difficult to find or buy. Smalls are now nationally competitive, due to E-bay. I can check market value and buy any smalls on e-bay and it makes sense.

For low end frames, curiosities, and heavy items  such as furniture obviously local. and the fewer times it has been moved or re-sold the better ( always getting as close to the Mother source as possible)

I think that remainder houses and true Estate sales have the highest quality for value. Auctions next, then booths, e-bay, co-ops, dealers & boutique.  Quality, Value & Time spent acquiring.