Cross Section / Cross Roads

Ok, I don't know if it is just me, but I am bumping in to my past - a lot. 

As we were puttering through the French flea market (I think they call it French because is sells nice things - go figure) anyway  - puttering through an antique stall and finding an old wood weaving shuttle and and flute that I was in real need of, (really - for a project) and the purveyor asked " Are you Lonnie Hanzon?" It turned out to be an associate I worked with in the early 1980's.  
This is not just the Facebook "Finding people you never knew you lost" syndrome. I am physically and electronically visiting moments of my past. Some say it is about turning 50 - What? Do I get a visit from each year - wow - interesting.
But then is started to make sense when I heard a brilliant and funny science author on NPR. She was talking about probabilities and the Bell curve in ways that made actual sense, and even though some of what she spoke was about good and bad slimy things in our mouths and bodies, she exposed for a moment the sameness of everything and the logic of it all.
I have to admit that I am often truly astonished and perhaps even ashamed at what nut cases we are as peoples and societies. But then it made sense that we were just changing and adapting and morphing to rise to the challenges of our environment just like all the rest of the  slithy toves. 

Evolution is not finite. Duh.