Confessions of a Young Magician #2

OK, I will only use initials, (I'll be LH) to protect the dignified
Or I should say the presently dignified in their grown up lives. 
Here is a verbatim Face-Book exchange, after I have received a snapshot of me in the late 70's at a sewing machine stiching a gigantic, satin, (striped turquoise, teal and ultra-marine) curtain.
Just recieved the photo without a black-mail note! That's a first in years
What a crack up - I wonder what ever happened to that 564 yards of satin?
You were such a good sport. I can't believe you still talk to me. 
Actually, you don't. 
oh. well... 
Love your writing. Smart and glibby with an occasionally smarck and high giggle.
Yes, well, I spent a lot of time handcuffed in a box because of you. 
Sounds bad out of context!
Handcuffed, in a box, in a bag, in a trunk, with a costume change to make - 
No, I didn't expect much.
But you did it!- and boy does it sound strange.
To my dear LP and the special collaborators that have marched in to my manical dreams and been willing to go to these places and do these crazy things for the sake of foolishness and art and the seeking of magic, I dearly thank you for playing with me.
But I can't promise I wont go to the next impossible, and possibly embarrassing quest.

Edit: I have already been informed that this is way to obtuse to understand. At one point in time, I did a magic act that included "Metamorphosis" or the "Substitution Trunk" routine. My assistant would be handcuffed, stuck in a large tied bag, and put in a chained, padlocked packing crate, and the keys given to an audience member. I would then stand on the crate, raise a curtain above my head, and when the curtain came down, my assistant was standing on the crate, dropping the curtain, and had made a costume change - I had disappeared, and she had escaped. the keys were then obtained from the audience member, the crate opened, the bag untied and I was found in the bag, in handcuffs, also changed in to a different costume. Spectacular illusion, still can't believe we ever pulled it off, and hope that whoever now has the cuffs and curtain and accessories is using it well.