Timing is Everything

I  Must AdmitThat I was getting pretty excited about auditioning for the new "Project Runway" type show (Working title American Artist) about Art and artists. It has the best producers (Magical Elves - the originators of Project Runway and Top Chef working with Sarah Jessica Parker's Pretty Matches) , and promises to be a very interesting show. 

Since the beginning of my career, I have always dreamed (and trained)  to compete in an "Arts Olympics".
But it wont be this time.
The auditions are over the next few weeks and shooting in the Fall and next year. Of course the Cabinet of Curiosities show and Hudson Holiday are in full production now, and I can't go skiping off until Hudson Holiday opens November 20th, so I need to let the younger chicks stratch each others eyes out and scramble to win. 
It was fun to answer the application questions in my head, plan out my trip to Chicago to audition, and imagine all the fun and stress and tension and madness. What a rush.
Sort of like that few minutes after buying a lottery ticket.

Timing is everything.