I'm Back

Hello beings out there in cyberspace. It has been a long time since I sent any messages or thoughts out to you, to be added to the other billions and billions of words and emotions.

But here I sit, space and time revealing the first blank page or moment of repose in many many months.

Another 10, 000 pound gorilla pulled out of the hat (and sometimes it felt like other orifices as well)

This year's big show opened last Friday. Hudson Holiday.

This was my 29th Holiday season install. Of course there have been smaller and larger, but this one seemed huge. It is huge, actually.

I don't find dedication or loyalty very difficult. I can tie myself to a wagon and be drug a thousand miles if I think the outcome will serve the audience. It is being cut loose from the wagon that is one of the hardest points. I usually feel pretty lonely before a work is done, and then it really steps in after a work is released.

I was watching an old old interview with one of my heroes and friends, the late great Steven Arnold and one of his statements caught me (paraphrased) " I was always doing puppet shows for all the children - Always fairy tales - fantasies - I was always doing the show for them, but I didn't relate to them"

Time to re-invent for the 1000th time. I'm surprised I haven't run in to myself yet.