Ah, Vegas....

Only in Vegas

A blurry shot of a short Elvis with a member of Kiss talking shop while on a break on the strip in Las Vegas. Surrounded by Americans. Who didn't notice.

Another note, I practically closed down security at the Las Vegas airport when the jacket Terry tailored  for me (including l.e.d. lights and battery packs....) went through the x-ray. It was actually the light bulb samples  we got at the trade show that triggered the bag to be opened, but when they saw hand stitching on the lining of a jacket and wires coming out, all of a sudden there were a lot of official people stopping by and speaking in hushed tones and using a lot of letters as we saw all the lines in front of us shut down. They were all very nice people and handled by electric jacket with grace. So Terry's fashions are at least being photographed by some very important people! We were swabbed, frisked, ask a million questions and sent on our way. The guy in front of us had a huge steak knife "he uses to fix his car" and that seemed somehow reasonable. They kept the knife.