Comedic Re leaf

Ok, sorry to be so macrabe' yesterday. One of the most influential people in my life, an old friend and ex-business partner is dying. Not sick, but dying. He and his wonderful wife were to arrive in a couple of weeks to spend the summer with us, as several times before.
We got news that he is too weak to travel, and that he has a few weeks on the short, the end of the year
on the long side. I know he is in his 80's. I know he has led an incredibly full life. I knew he was in his final chapter. But I did not know how deep he was in my heart. I did not know how much he has influenced my work. I did not realize how much of me is him and me of him.

Meanwhile, here are some old sketches that fall forward the kind of inflatable sculptures I am cultivating, and the king of ornament that the honorable WNF, or Henly Swerthing, would want me to be.