Madame Irma Goes to the Opera

Well, after many years lurking in the corner, Madame Irma is finally finished and ready to make her entrance in a proper way. She is to be paired with Galactic Syzygy -  the Cello assemblage that I created for the Denver Young Artist Orchestra's Painted Violin program, which is touring through next Spring.
The next gallery on the tour invited the 17 artists to send along a wall work, and it was fun to finish up Irma for the occasion. I have not had a signed work for show and sale since the complete divestment of my inventory in 2001! She is 48 x 24 plus frame. Acrylic, gilt, Austrian and German Crystal on panel.
Curtis Arts & Humanities Center
2349 East Orchard Road, Greenwood Village, CO
Tel: 303-797-1779
Saturday, November 12
5 pm to 7 pm - Free Admission
Show moves on December 6th