Thank You, Thank You...Both of you.

I AM AT A SPONSORSHIP CONVENTION, TRYING TO LEARN THE ROPES, AND I CAN TELL YOU THAT I WOULD DO BETTER AT A QUANTUM PHYSICS EXAM THAN I AM DOING HERE. I COULD DO BETTER AT AN ARMY BOOTCAMP (or a mural on the moon). I WILL CONTINUE TO DO MY BEST. BUT IF YOU KNOW ME, EVEN A LITTLE, YOU KNOW THAT I AM WRITING THIS IN ALL CAPS TO MAKE YOU READ EVERY SINGLE LETTER ONE BY ONE. I never allow all caps in my work because it stops the eye. It does not allow words to flow in to one's brain without any hesitation. These are the the things I know. I admire all these people the people I have met are very nice and good at what they do, but I do not know if I can do what they do. That is the honest truth.