Catching up dear friend to 2008

The wondrous Alice themed party 
for the American Association of Museums kicked off the Spring. 
What a party! 

Later that Fall, some of costume pieces (emp. on "pieces") from the Grandville collection 
joined Ukelele Loki at MOA's indoor galleries - During Magic Lantern -  to make this video:

The Design & Build 
grand performance was built around the "Keepers"
(This is an overview of the D&B programs history - "The Keepers" didn't get edited yet)

and the Keeper's Mandala was commissioned by the Museum of Outdoor Arts for the new interior design. 

The solo show "Magic Lantern" 
opened in the Fall at MOA's indoor gallery:

While we slipped in to Cherry Creek to produce, from scratch, 100 feet of Holiday Windows:
Emry Gweldig's Wondrous Keep
Which was also a major focus of HGTV'S Holiday Windows 2008 (6th annual!)

And the Madden Company opened the stunning Pallazzo Verdi with 3 major works commissioned through MOA, including my work - Chandelier Chardin and the surrounding Lighting System.

Yup, a very full year...