Rights versus Privilege

She is gone now, bless her prickly soul. but None-the-less...

Weather you were part of her family, commune or business you knew that she divided all the good things in life between Rights and Privileges.
So here is my grand epiphany:

To make art is a right, not a privilege.

...And the world would be a better place if everyone made art like they make pasta!

Perhaps the privilege (or sacrifice) is to be called an artist -  by others.

I believe that people can call themselves anything they want, as long as it is attached to one or more crafts : Painter, illustrator, storyboarder, sign painter, weaver, dancer, writer, bon-vivant, gad-about, traveller, provoucture, 

But I have come to run from the word, the beautiful word and honest profession of 
 - artist -
It has become  artiste'  - Artiste' de pu' pu' in our society.

I feel so blessed, so lucky, happy to have the life I have.
And even though I am working for a fine art establishment, and my job is to manifest collaborative works of art, 
they encourage me to do the common magic. 
Wizard in Residence is a title I can hopefully accept and prove, because it is a craft.
It holds me to this world, this community, and demands my waking moments for the results.

Then my job can be about making a(n) (inner) child giggle.