So Romantic

This is from the Lexicon/World Altar series a few years back (Late 90's?)
It is actually a very romantic concept for the skys to open up and to be whisked off, somewhere over the rainbow, to a place without human trappings or hate, fear or technology.
Until then, we are going to have to work it through. Right here. Right now. Around the world.
It would be so sweet to be picked by the heavenly team, like some line up in grade school and getting picked first. But I fear that we are stuck with ourselves, at least for now. To mow the lawn, clean up our messes, and face the stresses we have all created. 

1000 Crowns

I have often joked with Terry that of all the objects I work around and make, I find some of the greatest joy in headdresses. Looking over the hundreds of projects I've done, if there is a way to work a headdress in, I do it - Art show, parade, or building - it gets a headdress. Why I didn't end up in Vegas in some basement steaming feathers is beyond me. 
Nicole wrote from India today that she has found sources for miniature Vishnu crowns - Oh joyous day! 
I would love to do an entire body of work dedicated to Headdress - We'll call it
1000 Crowns