Why are artists...

I did some research after seeing a Facebook post of screen shot:

Someone put in search  “Why are artists… and the pop ups were:

Why are artists weird

Why are artists poor

Why are artists so depressed

Why are artists liberal

I really didn’t want to believe that those were the top 4 results to this kind of question, so I started asking Google lots of questions. These are all actual top ranking pop up answers. This is what we think of each other:

Why artist create

Why artists are poor

Why artists are depressed

Why artists wear black

Why designers leave

Why designers use Mac ( Oh come on, is this really a question?)

Why designers quit

Why designers can’t think

Why creatives are leaving your agency

Why creatives are always confused

Why creatives leave the church

Do most artists trace

Do most artists smoke weed

Do most artists have depression

Do most artist write their own lyrics

And the warped impressions are not just for Creatives:

Why managers fail

Why managers are important

Why managers should be leaders

Why managers should behave ethically

Why do managers micromanage

Why do managers get paid more

Why do managers wear uniforms

Why don’t mangers plan

Why don’t managers praise employees

Why don’t some managers delegate

Do most managers use punishment

Why do most managers fail

Why do most managers disapprove of unions

Why project managers fail

Why project managers are useless

Why does my Boss - Hate me, ignore me, like me, love me

I am glad I am working on this book about working with Creatives. We don't seem to know each other very well.