Colorado Dream Team

In response to a interview by Susan Froyd of Westword, I hereby post my 2014 list of my dream team, that I would call to serve if the Mysterious Patron with endless money appeared. I work with many of you often and seldom. Love what you have done and taught me.

Colorado Creatives: Lonnie Hanzon’s Colorado Dream Team

Although I admire many, The list is only Colorado Creatives that I have personally collaborated with at one point or another, and would be willing to again (Not saying they would accept), but a good starting list. I know I forgot you. I am sorry. 

Shannon Abote
Cold & Warm Glasswork

John Abote
Electrical Artisan

Zach Abote
Cold and Special App. Glasswork

Michael Aisner
Media Strategist

Betty Arca

Jefferson Arca

Jerry Arca
Diplomat/Agency interface

Nicole Banowetz
Inflatables/Art Direction/Crew Lead/Right Arm

Michael Banowetz
Video Editing

Beth Barbee
Brand Guru

Kelley Bergmann
Special Tech Guru

Erik Bien
Set Creation/Special Ops

Alan Birnbach
Photography: Editorial

Mark Bliesner
Band Guru/Talent consultant

Roberta Bloom
Art Programming 

Judith Boyd
Style Crone

Mickey Boyd
Studio Best Boy (Art Gaff/ Art Crew

Mary Broyles/Ornabead
Early Hanzon Sourcing 

Ellen Bruss
Campaigns - 2/D, 3/D

Pamela Chavez
Production Designer

Laura Cowperthwaite
Artist Thrive Chaplain

Tee Cowperthwaite
Axometric Architectural Conceptuals 

Ann Cunningham

Steve Cruz
Graphics King

Peter Davison

Kathi De Francis
What ever she wants

Angie De Francis

Terry Dodd
Live Performance Director/Script Captain

BJ Dyer
Live Flora

Doug Eichelberger
Creative Architecture

Maeve Eichelberger
Young Pups Crew Director

Carolyn Fineran
Art and Ethnic Fibers

Susan Froyd
Camp Blogger

Jayne Harnett Hargrove
Costume  (Would need to move her back to Colorado...)

John Hayes III
Product Development guru

Barbara Hirokawa Gal
Photography: Place/Time

Marie EvB Gibbons
Ceramic/ Cold finish

Tom Giesen
Television interface/promotion

Eddie Goldstein
Guest Experience Design

Devin Gores
Fabrications Captain

Dan Grinder
Giant Foam Fun

Lori Meredith Gabrow
Visiting Star Concierge

Carrie Garlick

Emry Gweldig
Spiritual Guidance counselor 

Charlie Gyder
Special Costructions 

Brett Hall
Giant Art Moving Logistics/Engineering

T.J. Hughes
Photography: Architectural

John Imbergamo
Food Consult

Aaron Ukulele Loki Johnson
Bands Director

Erick Johnson

Kevin Johnson
Laughter Coordinator - Special Ops

Tim Keenen
Lighting Programming/playback

Terry Koepsel
King/Arts Comptroller

Lamecia Landrum
Artist Corp.

Lanka Lanka

Dean & Le Ann Ladany/AJR
Soft Goods/drapes

Adam Lerner
Programming Design

Larry Laszlo
Photography: Live

Mark Lunning
Master Printmaker

Horace Mann
Blown Glass

Jesse Manno
Composer/Leader Music/Sound

Melanie Mayner
Company PR

Karin Mirick

Karen Means Moore
Interiors / Art Direction

Jeffery Moore
Interiors/Art direction

Leslie Mitchell
Art/Finance Liaison

John Mueller
Photography - Fashion & Specials

Robert Muratore
Director of Photography: Moving and special

Jeri Neff
Faux Floral

Alan Olson

Candice Pulliam
Art Sales

Kamla Presswalla

Janet Rhodes
Couture Tech

Jody Rein
Media Agent/ Publishing Guru

Patricia Rucker

Virginia Diaz Saiki

Jimmy Sellars
Excitement /Ideation discovery department

Lon Seymour

Janey Skeer
Ceramic/ Glaze work

Madalyn Shalkey
Speed Fiber Fabrication

Corey Silverman
Blown Glass

Tiffany Smyth
Grande Fashion Accessories

Scott Soffa

Bruce Spangler
Magic/Illusion Consultant

Jahnavi D Stenflo
New Sounds/Player

Steve Trujillo & Crew
Hair and Make up 

Harry Tuft
Folk Music Guru

Deborah Williams

Tim Vacca
Artist Wrangler

Larry Wegner
Piano/Music Team

Thom Wise
Social Secretary / Culinary design

Justine Zollo
Performance Designer