Curtain #1 of 2

Thank you, thank you,...both of you 
(as I would chime to a small audience..)
Let me share what I have been working on...
I have not meant to be mysterious, but have been waiting for this blog to split for the 
Museum's (Museum of Outdoor Arts) Fall projects of which I am proudly a part of.
Now that dates are getting booked and t's are dotted, 
I am going to attempt to cover 2 projects
 and keep this personal train going at the same time.

MOA's indoor show this fall is Cabinet of Curiosities. 
It is a group show curated by Cynthia Madden Leitner, and involves 6 incredible artists (including Jayne HH) plus the Museum team.
My charge in the show is series of cabinets and acquired objects that make up a room for the
Imaginary and Impossible Wunderkammer of Lewis Carroll 
& his Collection of Fairy Tale Reliquaries
or something to that effect.
The show will open in early October.

Stay tuned for Curtain #2. The big enchilada