Ok, I'll try this

No, not some secret society of Di Vinci esque concoction, but an I idea that I started to write about that quickly became a gigantic chalkboard paradox, and I had to walk away.

It started with an examination of the emotions one (I) go through in my daily work, and the dilemmas the very structures of the work creates.

See, I told you....

Ok, as a "creative type", a person that creates stuff for a living, there are are structures and constant questions that we are always honing and asking.

1. Purpose. The work must be serving some purpose. The work must have a purpose, or it is simply pornography or phycological doodling. Why would you sign up for a job this tough unless it was at least an honest service. 
Hitch:  The more "popular" your work, the harder it is to find a handy purpose. People like Koons or Hirst or other "Fine" "Artists" can name ART as the purpose on the form and they are done for the day. For a craftsperson or designer, we are audience based, like many of the other collaborative arts. The audience's reaction and acceptance is paramount. The audience is the purpose.

2. The Rub: Who the Hell died and decided you had a destiny to share your "talents" with the world as some kind of purpose? Did you win American Idol or the Art Olympics in the Auto-didactic triartathon?  AHHHHH - Enter EGO - Id.

So, could I please, pretty please, obtain, for even one single moment, the humility of an ancient monk, the bravada of an opera tenor, the social skills of a politician, the physical focus of an athlete and the technique of great magician? 


But I can try. Decoro - the skills, Sprazzazia - the sell, Grazia, the harmony.

Perhaps it takes our whole - the good parts and the bad parts, the pretty parts and the unpleasant parts, all is spinning balance, to create.

Does purpose demand ego, or ego create purpose? 

I warned you.