Two Thousand & Twelve

Opening new (and old) trade routes!
2012 started in 3rd gear!
Designs approved, production happening, presentations presented. 
New Chapter. 
New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Dallas, and back to New York by April -
( not to count some Denver action as well!)
Some of the projects can’t be revealed until Holiday or even next year, but let’s just say it is both daunting & exciting to be back in the saddle. 
I think 2 more cities will be added to the route soon, along with some off-shore design work.
The new studio, as soon as it gets finished, will be very busy.....
(Now we are busy in every inch of the living room, hallway, yard, shed, kitchen, etc)
The first project to be installed this year was titled
Stone Clouds I, II, & III. 
They are Mica, Stainless Steel and Glass with Stainless findings. 
They were commissioned by the Neiman Marcus Group for the new store in Walnut Creek, California. Installed in February for the March opening. 
Terry, Nicole and Jeri fabricated the 20,000 pieces that made up these beauties. 
(When I was galavanting around the country on other projects) 
 Although we have been doing work for the Neiman Marcus Group off and on (mostly on) since 2001, this is the first it is part of the Neiman Marcus Corporate Art Collection
  They reside in the fashion jewelry and precious jewelry department.
 It was an honored to be both receive the commssion, 
but also have the opportunity to install it myself. My hosts were a class act as usual.

Thank you so Deborah Cussen for sending the photos after opening!

Almost 12 !

Are we there yet? Are we here yet? Almost.  
We will makes some notes on 2011 and then enter the wonderful re-invention of 2012.
"Winter's Work" was an assemblage' created for the Denver Young Artists Orchestra. It is titled "Harmonic Syzygy" ( I privately called the project "Chewing on a Cello". After showing in many places for many months, it was auctioned off last weekend. 

There were several projects at
MOA's Samson Park and Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre including wild flags,

a 16 ft. x 32 ft. mural,

and a new grand entrance for Samson Park.
I started some super top secret ( but very fun product development ) work for The Tremblay Group,
and was honored to create a glass sculpture titled Rising for the Denver Hospice Inpatient Facility at Lowry (through the  the great people at NINE dots ARTS)

As usual, the good folks at Bella Glass helped with glass fabrication services, and Devin Gores of Public Works did a great job on the metal portion. Jordan at Design Crete made the wonderful black pedestel, and our friends at Weidamark provides the led light fixtures.
I got my Christmas fix when invited by the City of Dallas and Neiman Marcus to help them celebrate the kick off to the Holiday Season in Dallas.
Neiman Marcus put up the first tree I created for them in 2001.
The event is so big now it takes place in a downtown park! Laurie at Reinders provided the cascading lights that lit up Main Street.
40,000 people joined the festivities that night! Santa arrive in style -
zip-lining down 6 stories to the park.
And construction started on our new studio addition to the house.
Luckily, Terry held down the fort when I ran to New York.
There is nothing like the city during the Holidays.
 This is a photo of me taking a photo of a photographer on rollerblades that has just taken a photograph of the photographers shooting the Van Clef & Arpels Window...
The Genius at Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman Mens

Notice Turkish-esque Mirror device in this BG window. Now notice the mirror piece sitting on the floor of Andy Warhol's Factory.  They are not exactly the same, but I would BET the same maker.
The Lady Gaga Gag at Barrney's:


 Henri Bendel
 A secret room in Harlem
View from a new gig - georgeous

2010 - Catch up for a friend

Yet another wild one. "Winter's Work" ( What us Vaudevillians do in the off season to sharpen our gimmicks and acts )  Was the ADCD Paper Fashion Show.  It was really fun to create the entry and even more fun to win first place!

But that was just the beginning.
I designed the John Madden Award
 The MOA crew helped the Biennial of the Americas kick off the Hard Hat Gala,
The Cabinet of Curiosities and Impossibilities became a permanent installation at
MOA's Englewood City Center Gallery

Holly Berry, The Art Car, was born in our garage here at the house, with a lot of labor on Terry's part
And the award winning Hudson Holiday Light Show attracted over 45,000 people!
Just to keep myself busy, I also appeared as one of the Judges on FoodNetwork Challenge: Edible Christmas Windows, worked with Diogen on LED product development and provided Illustrations for Jim Kenney's wonderful book: Thriving in the Crosscurrent: Clarity and Hope in a Time of Cultural Sea Change. Gosh, my friend, we are finally up to 2011!

End of the day Walk in Manhattan

So, I will finish my little trip down memory lane for my friend soon, but at the moment I want to be in the moment. So here we are, after a good working day in NYC, and I take a brisk walk up to the Park and back to 44th. I thought I would peek in on the Window Dressing at Bergdorf Goodman, but most of the shades were pulled. It is Wednesday night after all (Window changing night), and even when New York is Warm, its Cold. Slight drizzle, comfy food from Cafe Un Deux Trois, and sharing a few pictures.
 (click on to get closer)

And on to catch up with 2009

As the catch up continues - not far from the present now - 
2009 was a wonderful year. 

The bronze puppet theatre was installed in 
MOA's Samson Park.

The Fall show at the indoor gallery of 
Museum of Outdoor Arts was a group show entitled 
Cabinet of Curiosities
in which I designed the installation 
Cabinet of Curiosities and Impossibilities 
by Lewis Dobson

And finally, after so many years and thousands of hours, 
Hudson Holiday, the 15 acre holiday holiday extravaganza, finally opened. I thought I had gone to heaven. It was a big sigh of relief....


Catching up dear friend to 2008

The wondrous Alice themed party 
for the American Association of Museums kicked off the Spring. 
What a party! 

Later that Fall, some of costume pieces (emp. on "pieces") from the Grandville collection 
joined Ukelele Loki at MOA's indoor galleries - During Magic Lantern -  to make this video:

The Design & Build 
grand performance was built around the "Keepers"
(This is an overview of the D&B programs history - "The Keepers" didn't get edited yet)

and the Keeper's Mandala was commissioned by the Museum of Outdoor Arts for the new interior design. 

The solo show "Magic Lantern" 
opened in the Fall at MOA's indoor gallery:

While we slipped in to Cherry Creek to produce, from scratch, 100 feet of Holiday Windows:
Emry Gweldig's Wondrous Keep
Which was also a major focus of HGTV'S Holiday Windows 2008 (6th annual!)

And the Madden Company opened the stunning Pallazzo Verdi with 3 major works commissioned through MOA, including my work - Chandelier Chardin and the surrounding Lighting System.

Yup, a very full year...

Catching up an old friend on our adventures - 2007

Flew by. A lot of conceptual work for the 
Neiman Marcus 100th Anniversary in the beginning of the year, 

and then it was a whirlwind starting with a group show at 
MOA's indoor gallery: Architexture

art directing the Design & Build 
Sacred Water extravaganza performance,

 travelling with the Museum of Outdoor Arts' camp at Burning Man 

and then capping off the year with the "Backyard Boogie" for MOA's continued campaign toward the large outdoor light show concept. 

We also finally said goodbye to the Church

and found new quarters in the 
"Glens"neighborhood of Lakewood.

I'm Back - March 31st, 2012

I dropped off the face of the earth in the Fall. 

I fell back to the surface, and they say i'll be fine. 

Now I'm anxious to tell you where I've been and what I saw and what I am doing, but I want to start with a little trip down memory lane. 6 blocks, each a year. It all flew by so fast... That's when you know your having fun!  So give me a couple of weeks to catch up with a dear friend and coconspirator who I haven't seen since Christmas of 2005, and then I'll tell you of the here now and imminent future. 


Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret opened in January. It was a labor of love, and a lot of sweat.
It turned out nice. A little gem.

We Moved the Studio in to the Creative District of Bel Mar - Block 7

We did the "Money Tree" for Neiman Marcus for a charity event out of $1M of shredded currency, (Along with Holiday windows 2006 - A national special on HGTV) and installed a 50' aerial sculpture at the Mazza Galleria in Washington D.C. of art glass fabricated for us by the Bella Glass family.

we completed the first large project for the Museum of Outdoor Arts : Ice + Snow at Samson Park